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Handcrafted flamework Borosilicate Glass Art.  Ornaments for Christmas.  Suncatchers for year round decorations.  Glass sculptures.  Fish, sea turtles snails and other animals created in glass.  Wearable glass pendants.  Shot Glasses, bud vases, glass buttons, glass tops and other functional glass .  Many pieces come in dichroric glass.  Albert Frank, Alcyon Lord, Oregon



Colorful glass snail sculptures

If real snails were as gorgeous as these, no one would ever offer them a beer.  Seriously, these are large, colorful pieces.  The snails' bodies have a mottled look because of the layers of crushed glass melted into the surface.  The shells are decked out intricate lines of complementary colors.  The body is about 4 to 4 1/2 inches long, depending on how the critter posed.  The distance from the flat bottom to the top of the shell is about 1 3/4 inches.   The most common color schemes are tans and browns, reds, greens, sunset purples and polychromatic.  Examples are shown below.

Snails - $35